PowerHouse Dry

Our flagship cider is a true blend of old world tradition and unbridled northwest spirit. Wild fermented bittersweet cider apples are blended with American heritage varieties to create a beautifully complete cider.


Oregon grown marionberries and blackberries are blended with dessert apples to create a cider that tantalizes the palate. Slightly tannic sour notes up front are balanced by a jammy mid palate and dry finish.

Bramble Berry Scale

Strawberry Fields

Strawberry fields is oregon spring epitomized in a glass. Made with northwest grown strawberries and dessert apples, this cider is strawberry jam forward and well balanced.

Pear Wine

Our pear wine features organic pears, grown in the beautiful Hood River Valley, harvested at the peak of ripeness. The juice from these pears was then artfully crafted into a sweet, delectable treat. The flurry of pear taste and aroma will enchant your taste buds.

Trespass Semi-Sweet

A quaffable apple cider made with bittersweet and dessert apples. Bright and apple forward with balanced sweetness. This cider tastes like you are drinking an apple.

Barrel-Aged Jonagold Single Varietal

Northwest grown Jonagold apples pressed and wildly fermented, then aged for over 2 years in neutral oak barrels. This cider is woody, dry, and delicious. Bold Oak notes interplay with refined apple character. A proper cider to pair with food or imbibe on it's own.